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I am a fully qualified Professional Hypnotherapist, working both online and in person, based in Ackworth, Pontefract, West Yorkshire which is halfway between Wakefield and Doncaster. The reason I chose to specialise in hypnotherapy is because I know, from personal experience, how quickly changes that you want to make can start to happen. It is great to be able to help others, to help themselves, to become stronger people, leading happier lives.

Lyn Palmer




Lyn Palmer /

Unfortunately,I will not be taking any new bookings until further notice

How can I help you

Low self-esteem

Do you have the feeling that you’re never quite ‘good enough’? Is your inner voice constantly putting you down? Perhaps you are always trying to attain that ‘perfect’ level that you feel will then prove that you are as good as everyone else. If these, or anything similar, sound familiar to you, it is possible that you have low self-esteem


Is anxiety restricting how you want to live your life? Perhaps you’re experiencing panic attacks or struggling with OCD.  This can be very debilitating and can impact many parts of your life.  The role of hypnotherapy is to work at reducing your symptoms and find different coping strategies


Do you want to be able to go on holiday without feeling fearful about the flight? Perhaps your fear relates to spiders, snakes, or other animals.  Maybe  you avoid medical procedures due to a fear of needles or you're too scared to visit the dentist.  Whatever your phobia, hypnotherapy can help you. 

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