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Past life regression

There is no definitive explanation as to what past life experiences may be but several theories:



The rebirth of the soul of consciousness in one body after another to experience and evolve.


Genetic Memories

Memories passed down from one generation to the next via DNA or cell structure


Soul Memory/Psychic Connections

Accessing the memories of another person either via telepathy or through the Akashic Records – A spiritual non-physical plane of existence, which is a record of everything that has ever happened.


Universal Consciousness

That we are all connected either by a spiritual entity or a psychological process such as Carl Jung’s collective unconsciousness – which he said contained thoughts and feelings not explained by anything in the individual’s own life, but which are universal within the minds of all human beings.



The experience is a result of our imagination and fantasy.



The experience is representative or symbolic rather than a memory, similar to a dream.


Whatever your own thoughts, theories or beliefs, past life regression hypnotherapy can be used either therapeutically or out of curiosity or interest.


If you are interested in undertaking a past life regression hypnotherapy session, or would like to ask questions or discuss it further, please contact me

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