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D B, Leeds West Yorkshire

Lyn’s help has made a significant difference to my life and the way I perceive certain situations. I decided to undergo some hypnotherapy sessions to help with anxiety issues. I was initially unsure of using hypnotherapy as an aid, however it has been massively beneficial.


After having an initial chat about my needs and some short hypnotherapy sessions, these were recorded and used as a mindfulness tool at home. Having the recordings has been very useful as I know I can use these again when I feel like I need to take time out of the stresses of everyday life. Lyn has a very calming influence and is able to put people at ease.


I would say “give it a go” to anyone considering hypnotherapy as it certainly worked for me. It’s a state of mind, however, so be prepared to work hard and be honest with yourself about your feelings.


I would definitely come back to Lyn if I ever needed similar help for other issues.  

I was openminded about the prospect of getting hypnotherapy.  It was a new experience for me and I felt it was worth a try.  I had been suffering from anxiety which sometimes disturbed my sleep.  I had tried deep breathing without much success and decided to see if hypnotherapy would work. 

Hypnotherapy worked very well for me.  At each session I felt myself sinking into a deep state of relaxation and this feeling of relaxation continued after the sessions had ended.  I found by playing the recordings of the sessions on a repeated basis, I was able to reconnect to that calm feeling, which was most helpful, particularly if I happened to wake during the night.  After a few minutes of listening to the recording I was out like a light. 

I also learned techniques from Lyn to help me cope with anxiety and I’m able to put these into practice should the need arise.  Thankfully I now feel much better equipped to deal with what was a major problem for me. 

I found Lyn to be very intuitive which I believe helped her to quickly understand my issues.  She is a wonderful listener and displayed great empathy and understanding during all our sessions. 

I went for hypnotherapy sessions with the aim of reducing my anxiety and the sessions with Lyn proved extremely effective and helpful.  I’m so glad I chose Lyn as my hypnotherapist.  She is top class!! 

R H, Leeds West Yorkshire


I had taken the decision to look into hypnotherapy as I had gotten to the end of my tether. I was feeling ill every day, most, if not all, was in my head. I wasn’t enjoying the things I always have, things such as shopping and going for meals and this was all down to my fear of vomit. In every sense of the word I was terrified, whether it was being sick, feeling sick, someone else being sick. The smell, the thoughts, the irrational fear had taken over my life. I was at a point with 3 children, dreading the vomit bugs starting and the thought of spending another Christmas not eating my dinner, just feeling that enough was enough. I decided I would ask Lyn for her help, and following on from various conversations around how I was feeling, I felt confident enough to give this a try. I was very sceptical, as I had tried and failed with a session of hypnotherapy with another provider before, we discussed whether I could in fact be hypnotised, turns out, I can! Lyn started off with talking through my fear, we talked about where it may have come from, why it’s there and how deep routed it may be. We did some recordings for me to listen to at home, I felt this was really helpful, Lyn also made me fully aware that this could work in my sleep. We had 4 sessions, we looked at regression also. I still feel that my treatment is on-going, and I try to listen to my recordings that Lyn has made for me, each night. I can say that I feel happier and 100 times better than I did previously and that is the main thing for me and my family. So a huge thank you to Lyn, for all the time and effort that has been put into what you have done for me.  

 Leeds West Yorkshire


Lyn was my hypnotherapist and really put me at ease. I had never attempted any form of therapy before and Lyn’s explanations and guidance made me feel comfortable. I had struggled with a few self esteem issues for as long as I could remember but Lyn’s warmth and professionalism really helped me through. If you are considering hypnotherapy and are willing to put effort in to get the results you want along with the help, I would definitely recommend Lyn. She couldn’t have been better. 


P K, Leeds West Yorkshire  

W P, Leeds West Yorkshire

I’d been doing some research into the most effective way of stopping smoking for good without having to rely on patches/e cigarettes etc. Hypnotherapy seemed to be the best of way of doing this however I found the cost to be around £300 - £400 which put me off. When I had seen your advertisement it encouraged me to make contact straight away. I liked that you did the session in one go and you could do this out of office hours. I wasn’t expecting it to work and I thought I would easily be tempted to start smoking again. Although it has only been 11 weeks I haven’t had one cigarette since the session and I feel quite confident I won’t take up smoking again. The session taught me not to rely on cigarettes and I would encourage anyone who wants to stop to try it.



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