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Are you looking for a different and fun alternative for having a night in with your friends and family? 


Then why not host a Hypnotherapy Party? 

Hypnotherapy experience


I am now doing an online hypnotherapy experience - Exactly the same as the experience being hosted in someone's home, the only difference being that we do it as an online meet up and you get to have a get together with your friends and family while practicing safe distancing. Available Monday - Friday


During lockdown I am offering this for FREE with the option to make a donation to charity if you wish

Are you looking for a different and fun alternative for having a night in with your friends and family?

Then why not host a Hypnotherapy Experience?

Don’t worry, this is not like going to see a stage hypnotist, nobody is going to be made to feel foolish or end up clucking like a chicken!  You and your guests will be hypnotised at the same time so that you all get to experience what it is like to go into hypnosis and feel the benefits.

The hypnosis is conducted as a group session and you have a choice of:

1. Journey to Calmness

A soothing, calming experience, relaxing your mind and your body. Taking you on a peaceful and serene journey where you can unwind, surrounded by nature. Having the opportunity to refresh and re-energize your mind and your body whilst recognizing your own true uniqueness and enhancing your self-esteem and self-confidence.

2. Past Life Regression

An opportunity to have a mini experience of a positive past life regression. There is no definitive explanation as to what past life experiences may be, but there are several theories including; reincarnation, fantasy, universal consciousness, metaphor, soul memory, psychic connections, genetic memories. Whatever your own thoughts, theories or beliefs, past life regression can be used either therapeutically or purely out of curiosity or interest.

This is an enjoyable way for you and your guests to experience being hypnotised in the comfort of your own home.  Some of you may just be interested in what hypnosis feels like, while others may be considering having some hypnotherapy but would like to try the experience before committing to individual therapy sessions.  Either way you get to have a relaxing night in with a difference. 

As the host you receive your hypnosis FREE and each of your guests pays £15 – maximum 8 people including yourself. For groups of 6 or less, including yourself, there is a set fee of £75

If, after your experience evening, you decide that you want to book a personal hypnotherapy block session* then you will receive a discount of £100. 

If, after the evening, any of your guests decide to book a personal hypnotherapy block session* they will receive a discount of £15. 

In addition to this if either you or your guests are interested in booking a personal past life regression session, then you will receive a £20 discount and your guests will each receive a £10 discount

What to Expect on the Evening: 

  • We will start with a fun game to ensure that everyone feels relaxed and at ease 

  • I will then explain how hypnosis works and answer any questions 

  • Once everyone is settled, I will carry out the group hypnosis 

  • After the hypnosis there will be an opportunity, for anyone who wants to, to share their experience either as a group or on a more informal basis with each other 

  • I will be on hand to answer any questions or if anyone wants to discuss either their hypnosis experience or personal hypnotherapy 

The evenings are open to both men and women.  All participants must be aged 18 or over. I would ask that, to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the evening, all guests are open to being hypnotised. No alcohol to be drunk prior to the group hypnosis, although once this is completed then there is no further restriction.

When going into hypnosis you will each be sitting comfortably with your eyes closed, listening to me talking to you; people find the process of hypnosis pleasant, enjoyable and relaxing, often saying that they’ve never felt so relaxed and at ease before and usually not wanting it to end!

You should all wear clothing that you are able to feel comfortable and relaxed in.  If anyone wears contact lenses that they would not be able to keep in for a period of approximately 40 minutes with their eyes closed, then they should bring a container and solution to enable them to remove them for the hypnosis. Everyone will be fully alert to be able to drive or use public transport after the hypnosis.

What Next?

The Hypnotherapy Experiences are available on Friday evenings. If you wish to discuss anything, please ring me on 07887885182 or email me on As the host you will collect the payment from your guests and then make one payment online via PayPal on my website. Full payment is required to secure your booking. I will also require an email address for you and each of your guests, as there is a short consent form for all attendees to complete and return


*Block sessions include: A block of 4 sessions, A block of 6 sessions, Stop Smoking package 1, Stop Smoking package 2, Weight Control package.

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