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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Nobody wants to feel anxious, if you asked most people who struggle with anxiety if they want to feel that way, you would get a resounding NO!

But just because someone doesn’t want to feel anxious, doesn’t mean they can click a switch and stop it – if that was the case then there would be very few people struggling with anxiety.

Sometimes people say, what they mean to be well-meaning comments like:

“It’s all in your head” “Pull yourself together” “You’re doing it to yourself, there’s nothing wrong with you”

Although these are meant to be well-meaning, they are of no help to someone struggling with anxiety and, if anything, are likely to increase their anxious feelings.


Have you ever wondered why people keep doing things that they tell themselves not to? Just like most smokers know that smoking is not good for their health but continue to smoke and most of us know what a healthy balanced diet is, but we don’t necessarily choose to eat those foods.

The reason we continue to NOT do what our conscious rational thinking mind knows is healthy and beneficial for us is because what drives our actions and our reactions is our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind is where all our emotions and feelings come from, its where all our experiences are stored which have created our beliefs about ourselves, other people and the world around us….and it is a combination of these factors which are the driving force behind how we act and react.

Even if our rational conscious mind thinks one thing - if our subconscious feeling mind believes something different - then we will act in accordance with the driving force of our subconscious mind.

Our conscious mind can use theories and rationale to try to force our subconscious mind into submission, and in the short-term this can sometimes be successful, this is what is happening when we are using willpower.

It may even be, that we manage to use willpower so regularly, i.e. we keep going against what our subconscious mind is urging us to do, that eventually we create a new thought process in our subconscious mind for the new behaviour.

But how many times have you gone through the experience of telling yourself:

“I’m not going to eat that cake, I’m not going to, it’s not good for me, I don’t want to be tempted by it”

Only to eventually have a piece of cake because you just couldn’t stop yourself. This is your powerful subconscious mind driving the urge to eat the cake and overcoming the willpower of the conscious mind.

This is exactly the same with anxiety…. your conscious mind knows that it’s not rational to be feeling so anxious all the time, but there are emotions, feelings, experiences and beliefs stored in your subconscious mind that are driving you to react with feeling anxious.


This is why hypnotherapy can help with anxiety, because hypnotherapy works at the subconscious mind level, rather than the conscious mind level. It’s a completely safe and natural way to bring about changes that you want, for your betterment.

You have complete control, your subconscious will only allow you to change things that you want to change, and its client centred, so it empowers you to be the person you want to be.

Hypnotherapy is effective for any habit, behaviour or way of being that’s causing you an issue and therefore you want to change it.

You don’t have to put up with anxiety, or any other behaviour, but to change it, the change has to happen at your subconscious level for it to be effective and sustainable.

Call or message me now to have a free, no obligation, chat to find out how hypnotherapy can help you:

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