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Profound Hypnotherapy Experience

I had the most amazing experience yesterday. I'm currently undertaking training on the Simpson Protocol (SP) it's an advanced course in a hypnotherapy method and it's very profound. I'm loving the course and I'm training with the world renowned hypnotherapist Ines Simpson and alongside an international group of hypnotherapists from Canada, America, Switzerland, Spain and many more countries. As part of the course we do practice, so we take it in turns to be the hypnotherapist and the client. My work as the hypnotherapist went really well and my client, who had some resistance to some elements of change, had their issue fully resolved at the end of the hypnosis that I carried out with them, it was a great experience of doing SP work. When it was my turn to be the client, I had an amazing experience and it has left me with an absolute feeling of peace and serenity, the depth of which I've never felt before! It really felt very profound. I'm really looking forward to using SP with my clients as it's so effective and really gets to the heart of things.

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