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WHY Program

The Weight Hypnotherapy and You (WHY) Weight Reduction Program 

The WHY program puts YOU in control! 

  • Get control over what you eat 

  • Get control over how you eat 

  • Get control over emotional eating 

  • Get control over your motivation to exercise 

  • Get control over your mind with the power of self-hypnosis 


The WHY Program has been designed for people who sincerely want to reduce their weight and are willing to make lasting lifestyle changes to reach and maintain their preferred weight. 

The eight sessions of the WHY Program were developed by Dr Judy Pearson, a licensed professional counsellor, master trainer, practitioner of NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), and a master clinical hypnotherapist. Dr Pearson developed the program based on interviews and therapy sessions with numerous clients who struggled with weight reduction; interviewing people who had successfully reached their goal weight and consulting with nurses, nutritionists, motivational coaches, social workers, counsellors, and psychologists

What you will receive in the program package 

  • Eight 1-hour sessions 

  • Assignments to be carried out in between sessions 

  • Personalised weight reduction recordings, each 20-40 minutes in length 

  • WHY program handouts 


This program puts the control into your hands and enhances the choices you make about food and exercise.  The hypnosis that I will carry out during the sessions is recorded for you to also listen to at home in between sessions, this reinforces your progress.  I will even teach you how to design your own hypnotic suggestions, in addition to the personalised hypnosis sessions that I record for you. 

Incentives to succeed are built into the structure of the program, because you do not advance to the next step until you are successfully reducing your weight and shedding those excess pounds. 

Once you have achieved a reduction of at least 16 pounds, you have all the tools and methods you need to continue the program on your own, or if you prefer you can schedule additional sessions. 


The Eight Sessions: 


Session 1: Interview and introduction - NLP  

Session 2: Reframing compulsive eating - NLP 

Session 3: Stopping emotional eating with stress management – NLP and  Clinical Hypnosis 

Session 4: Making sensible food choices - Clinical Hypnosis 

After session 4 you will schedule each subsequent session when you have reduced your weight by at least four pounds.  You are in charge so you work at your own pace.  There is no timescale over which you have to take the eight sessions.  You don’t advance to the next step until you are ready and actually losing weight. 

Session 5: Creating an intelligent relationship with food –  Clinical Hypnosis 

Session 6: Boosting motivation to exercise – Clinical Hypnosis 

Session 7: Training in self-hypnosis – Clinical Hypnosis 

Session 8: Pulling it all together for lasting results – Clinical Hypnosis 


Note: To participate in this program you must participate in an NHS approved dietary/nutrition plan combined with a suitable exercise plan: 

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