10 Signs that you may have Low Self-Esteem #1

Updated: May 19, 2020

If you can answer ‘yes’ to feeling some or all of these then you may have low self-esteem

Low Self-Esteem #1

• Not perceiving yourself as good enough

• Not valuing yourself

• Not liking yourself as a person

Low Self-Esteem #2


• Inadequate

• Unlovable

• Incompetent

• Not believing that you deserve happiness

Low Self-Esteem #3

• Not being able to recognise your strengths and positives

• Struggling to make decisions or assert yourself

Low Self-Esteem #4

• Feeling uninteresting to be with and that no-one wants to spend time with you

Low Self-Esteem #5

• A lack of social confidence – feeling: ‘Everyone knows how to do this except me’

Low Self-Esteem #6

• Not taking the time that you need for yourself

• Not showing kindness towards yourself

Low Self-Esteem #7

• Not believing that YOU matter

Low Self-Esteem #8

• Not being able to move beyond mistakes without blaming yourself unfairly

Low Self-Esteem #9

• Saying sorry all the time

• Feeling like you are supposed to apologise for your very existence

Low Self-Esteem #10

An inner critical voice that is often:

• Putting you down

• Demeaning you

• Judging you

We often don’t even realise or recognise that we are struggling with low self-esteem; we can all feel low or insecure from time to time, but if these things are starting to affect:

· Our ability to accept who we are

· Our relationships

· Our work or home life

· Our social or emotional functioning

Then its time to address these issues.


Low self-esteem is not something that we just have to accept and put up with. Feedback that I received from a client who was struggling with low self-esteem was: “You’ve absolutely changed my life!”