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Do you want to feel happier?

We’re now into the full swing of the festive season and we’re bombarded with adverts about how wonderfully happy we are all going to be on the big day… now don’t get me wrong I’m not being the Christmas grinch… however research shows that happiness comes from the frequency of positive emotions not from their intensity. When we aim for intense positive emotions, we evaluate our experience against a higher standard e.g. the extreme of happiness expressed in the Christmas adverts, which makes it easier to be disappointed.

So, if you want to be truly happier over the festive season, aim for smaller, regular things that make you happy rather than hinging everything on the big day…. think of some little thing each day that makes you happy.

For example, if you receive a card from someone you haven’t heard from in a while, why not take time out to give them a call and have a catch up, or make a difference to someone else’s Christmas by donating a gift to a charity. Book in some time for yourself to relax or watch a movie. Even the small things like letting someone out at a junction on your drive into work or smiling and saying hello to someone that you pass on the street can leave you with a happy feeling. One of these things can leave you with a happy feeling…. A string of these events can change your whole day!

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