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Effects of caffeine when you stop smoking

Did you know that when you smoke your body metabolises caffeine at a much faster rate than that of a non-smoker? This is why many smokers also drink quite high amounts of caffeinated drinks compared to non-smokers.

So, if someone stops smoking but still drinks the same amount of caffeinated drinks, it can lead to them feeling jittery with symptoms like restlessness, muscle twitching, difficulty concentrating and irritability. The person who has stopped smoking incorrectly thinks that these symptoms are the result of their body craving nicotine and is therefore tempted to start smoking again to counteract these symptoms. When in fact it is too much caffeine causing this reaction rather than the lack of nicotine in the body.

Therefore, when you stop smoking, it is a good idea to halve the amount of caffeinated drinks that you would normally have, to combat the reduced rate at which your body now metabolises the caffeine. It is also good practice to not have any caffeinated drinks for a few hours before you go to bed, to help achieve a good night’s sleep.

I am a professional hypnotherapist, who can help you to stop smoking:

· Without fear

· Without feeling that you’re missing out

· Without needing to avoid other smokers

· Without the need or desire to smoke

As a non-smoker:

· Feel healthier and happier

· Find socialising just as enjoyable as you do as a smoker

· Feel a sense of freedom

· Feel able to enjoy life without cigarettes

· Feel able to handle stress without the need to smoke

I offer a choice of:

Package 1:

1 x 3-hour session £195

Package 2

2 x 1.5-hour sessions £245

In addition to the above you will receive:

· 2 x Personalised hypnotherapy recordings, specific to your circumstances – These recordings enable you to reinforce the work we have done in the session(s) and gives you the freedom to listen to them, at any time, at your own convenience.

· Exclusive access to additional background information of what we have covered during the session(s) – in written and audio format

· 1 x free follow-up hypnotherapy session if required

If you want to stop smoking and want to undertake hypnotherapy to help support you through the change you want to make, so that you can live the life that you want to live, contact me now on 07887885182 or email

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