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How to stop putting off things that you need to get done

Its coming up to that busy time of year… Christmas presents to be bought and wrapped, Christmas parties to organise, cards to be written and posted… all before we’ve even thought about planning for the big day – who’s coming, buying all the food and drink for everyone, catering for large numbers, games and activities for everyone. Before we know it, we can think “This is all too overwhelming and I can’t begin to get started on any of it!”

What personality type are you when it comes to procrastination…. Are you a Perfectionist, a Dreamer, a Worrier, a Crisis-Maker, a Defier or a Pleaser?

Whichever personality type you are, if you a struggling to get things started, check out this link to see what you can do to turn things around.

Click here

Please also see the following link to my hypnotherapy website, about


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