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Testimonial form a client in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

I was openminded about the prospect of getting hypnotherapy. It was a new experience for me and I felt it was worth a try. I had been suffering from anxiety which sometimes disturbed my sleep. I had tried deep breathing without much success and decided to see if hypnotherapy would work.

Hypnotherapy worked very well for me. At each session I felt myself sinking into a deep state of relaxation and this feeling of relaxation continued after the sessions had ended. I found by playing the recordings of the sessions on a repeated basis, I was able to reconnect to that calm feeling, which was most helpful, particularly if I happened to wake during the night. After a few minutes of listening to the recording I was out like a light.

I also learned techniques from Lyn to help me cope with anxiety and I’m able to put these into practice should the need arise. Thankfully I now feel much better equipped to deal with what was a major problem for me.

I found Lyn to be very intuitive which I believe helped her to quickly understand my issues. She is a wonderful listener and displayed great empathy and understanding during all our sessions.

I went for hypnotherapy sessions with the aim of reducing my anxiety and the sessions with Lyn proved extremely effective and helpful. I’m so glad I chose Lyn as my hypnotherapist. She is top class!!


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