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Uncertain if hypnotherapy is right for you?

Are you thinking about having some hypnotherapy but you're unsure whether hypnotherapy is right for you? Perhaps you think you might not be able to go into an hypnotic trance, or you're concerned that you won't be in control, or maybe you are unsure of how hypnotherapy works. I have the ideal solution for you.... A hypnotherapy party.

A hypnotherapy party is a fun alternative for having a night in with your friends and family, whereby you all get to experience what it is like to go into hypnosis and feel the benefits. This is an enjoyable way for you and your guests to experience being hypnotised in the comfort of your own home. Don’t worry, this is not like going to see a stage hypnotist, nobody is going to be made to feel foolish or end up clucking like a chicken! You and your guests will be hypnotised at the same time so that you all experience what it's like to be in an hypnotic trance.

Some of you may just be interested in what hypnosis feels like, while others my want to try the experience before committing to individual therapy sessions. Either way you get to have an enjoyable, fun and relaxing night in with a difference.


"It was so relaxing I didn't want it to end" "What a brilliant night!"

"I enjoyed the whole evening" "It's incredible!"

"I had a wonderful 9 hours sleep when I got home because I was so relaxed"


As the host you receive your hypnosis FREE and each of your guests pays £15 – maximum 8 people including yourself. For parties of 6 or less, including yourself, there is a set fee of £75

If, after your party, you decide that you want to book a personal hypnotherapy block session* then you will receive a discount of £100.

If, after the party, any of your guests decide to book a personal hypnotherapy block session* they will receive a discount of £15.

For full details:

*Block sessions include: A block of 4 sessions, A block of 6 sessions, Stop Smoking package 1, Stop Smoking package 2, Weight Control package.

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